Stoning Tips Part 1 - How to glue diamantes without making a mess !!

Trying to glue diamantes to your costume for the first time can be an extremely frustrating experience.  Without the proper tools and technique many projects are left unfinished or at the worst, ruined or abandoned.  So to help avoid the mess, here are some simple steps to follow and hopefully the gluing experience will be a little more satisfying.

1. To start with you will need the right equipment.  A round curved small bowl, diamante picker or pencil (can also be a stick or chopstick) with a bees wax end, and good diamante glue such as Gem-Tac.

2. Place one or two gross of diamantes into the round bowl.  Swirl the crystals around with your finger until the diamantes turn the right way up.

3. Squeeze a small drop of glue onto your costume in the required position.  We recommend using Gem-Tac as it produces an excellent bond and does not expose you to carcinogenic fumes.  Make sure you get the positioning of the glue right as otherwise you will be washing out the glue and drying your costume before starting again.  It's also important you squeeze out the correct amount of glue.  It should be a dot slightly smaller than the size of the diamante so that once the diamante is placed the glue completely covers the back of the stone without it oozing out everywhere.  If not enough glue is used then your diamantes will easily fall off when wearing or handling your costume.  You may want to experiment first on a scrap of fabric!

4.  Next take your diamante picker and gently use it to pick up a diamante - correct side up.  Place the diamante on the glue spot gently squishing down in place.  The stickiness of the glue should be enough to allow the bees wax to release the diamante and leave in place without any wiggling or touching. Once in position and drying has commenced do not touch it again. This is important when using a glue such as Gem-Tac as by disturbing the diamante you will break the bond that forms during the drying process.

5. Repeat this procedure over and over... depending on the ambient temperature and humidity, allow your outfit to dry overnight and I would recommend 24 hours before wearing.

Good luck and hope you enjoy many hours of decorating :)

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