Stoning Tips 16 - Looking after your Bees Wax Diamante Picker

The Bees Wax Diamante Picker

The Bees Wax Diamonte Picker is undoubtedly the best tool for picking up diamontes and placing them perfectly on your glue spot. Bees wax has the perfect consistency to pick up and place the stone easily without making a mess. However like all tools, they need looking after to ensure peak performance. Here are some handing tips to revive your Diamante Picker.

Keep it clean

Firstly, it's most important to make sure you keep your Diamante Picker clean of glue and dust at all times. If you slip and glue gets on the tip, then wipe it immediately with a tissue. However... as we all know, after a late night of decorating we become a little sloppy and accidents happen. 


Remove glue build-up

The most common problem is that over time the bees wax becomes covered with glue and dirt which causes a loss of stickiness. If you pick up a stone and it immediately falls off, then it's best to simply remove the dirty wax portion. This will expose clean wax which can be reshaped into a workable tip .


Best ways to soften bees wax

On warm days you can easily soften the wax with the warmth of your fingers.

If the tip is too brittle to shape with your fingers, use a hair dryer for a few seconds to help warm up the wax and make it more pliable. Don't overheat the wax as this will cause it to liquify and drip.

Warming up the bees wax tip on your hot coffee cup works a treat too :-) Sometimes I simply warm up the wax using this method if the weather is cold and the tip hard and brittle.

Once the wax is soft and pliable, re-shape the end into the required shape with your fingers so that diamontes can be picked up one at a time.


If you are working with tiny ss16 or ss12 stones then you may need to keep your tip extra pointy.


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Enjoy :-)

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