Stoning Tips for Shoes Part 2 - Ballroom Shoe Decorating

Continuing with our Stoning Tips for Shoes series, here is the next edition featuring instructions for a gorgeous design perfect for Ballroom shoes. Included are simple lines outlining edges and a sophisticated swirl droplet pattern perfect for court shoes used in dance, wedding or paired with a special evening gown. This design is a little more complex and would not be suitable for those who have never decorated before.

I would also advise everyone to read Part 1 of this Blog which covers some basic techniques along with glue and stone size recommendations...

Stoning Tips for Shoes Part 1 - Latin Shoe Decorating

For this demonstration we are using a pair of Ballroom Court Shoes with a 1.5" tapered heel size.

First we must make sure we have all the essential tools for decorating shoes. Not pictured is the sticky note, pencil, pen and tiny dots of blue tack, why would we need these? Well you better keep reading.

When working with intricate designs it's best to draw the design first. In this particular case I drew and cut out a pattern on a sticky note to experiment with.

The design was then temporarily stuck on the shoe using some tiny pieces of Blu Tak. I traced around the pattern very lightly with pencil and then repeated the procedure for the other shoe. Remember to turn the pattern around mirror image to the suit the other shoe.


A strong industrial strength clear glue is highly recommended for decorating shoes. My preferred brand is E6000 and the smaller tubes come with a precision fine tip nozzle perfect for small rhinestones / diamontes.

For information on the safe use of E6000 glue please read last months blog...  Stoning Tips 15 - Glue Warnings and Safety Tips

 Apply the glue in small sections and place diamontes quickly to achieve the maximum bond. For this design I chose SS16 size stones for the swirl design highlighted with a SS30 stone in the centre of each curve. The small stalks were created using SS16's with a SS20 stone on the end.


A line of SS20 rhinestones were then glued along the top shoe edge.


And to finish off another single line of SS20's were glued along the top heel edge of the shoe.


Once finished it's advisable to leave the shoes to dry for a minimum 24 hours.

Enjoy! And if you have any decorating questions please feel free to contact me via the Contact Us page at any time... Martha


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