Stoning Tips Part 11 - Make your own Motif Designs

Sometimes the shape of lace motifs are just not what you had in mind to decorate your latest dance costume creation. And perhaps you are not confident enough to just start squeezing the glue straight onto your dress and start "blinging". If this is the case maybe you should try making your own shapes for decoration from Lycra.

Lycra shapes are a fantastic way to create your own patterns and decorate with diamantes, pearls and jewels. To get started it's best to first draw a pattern on paper. Remember to sketch it to the actual size needed.

Next cut out your design in the chosen colour of Lycra. If your design is complicated it might be a good idea to number the pieces.

Next pin your pieces in place. Remember to cover the area underneath your dress or costume with plastic wrap to avoid glue problems later. Once you are happy with your design glue the Lycra pieces into place. I would advise using E6000 glue for this job as it's strong, .

The glue doesn't take too long to dry so you can virtually start adding your embellishments immediately. Lycra comes in an endless assortment of bright colours and it's therefore not always necessary to completely cover the fabric in stones.

The biggest advantage of cutting out shapes and pinning them on is that you can experiment and adjust your design to your liking before any glue touches your costume. I often like to use this method for complex designs that would normally be glued straight to the dress. This way I can double check the balance and look of the design before committing any glue and stones to the fabric that I may later regret.

Here are some other designs I created using the same method...

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