Stoning Tips Part 5 - Beginners Do's and Don'ts

So you have just picked up your brand new costume and decided to add some "bling" yourself.  If you are a beginner in the field then you would be either feeling really excited or totally scared right now. Your emotional state will also depend on whether you have a definite design in mind or have absolutely no idea where to start.  Either way it's most likely that you will feel a little daunted when tackling your first ever decorating project so here are some simple beginners do's and don'ts to help you get started. 

Do... start with a simple design for your first attempt.  Don't tackle something complex as you might find it's not as easy as it looks.

Don't... put a whole stack of glue straight onto your brand new gorgeous ballroom gown.  Always try gluing some stones to a sample piece of fabric first.  Test the consistency of the glue and see how much you need to use for each dot or line.

Do... use dressmakers chalk to map out your design or dots.  Don't use pen or texta as this often mixes with the glue leaving a colourful mark.

Don't... start gluing stones without roughly calculating how many diamantes you need for your design.  Use your math as there is nothing worse than running short.

Do... try using lace motifs as you can simply follow the ready made pattern.

Don't... use really small diamantes for your first decorating experience as they are more fiddly and difficult to handle.  Try ss30's, if these are too big go for ss20's, however I would not attempt ss16's or anything smaller on the first go.

Do... choose the correct glue for the job.  Check out my previous blog..... on more tips in this area.

Don't... use tweezers or your fingers to pick up the diamantes.  This technique does not work well and often ends in tears.  Purchase a Bees wax diamante picker and the job will be much easier.

Do... allow yourself plenty of time to complete your project.  Often decorating takes a lot longer than you think, especially the first time.

Don't... glue your dress straight to the table or dress model.  Make sure you protect your work surfaces and costume with plastic. Check out my previous blog for more information...

Do... allow plenty of drying time.  It's advisable to allow your costume to dry at least 24 to 48 hours before wearing. Never leave decorating to the last minute just before the competition.

Don't... touch or fiddle with the diamantes once they are drying as this will weaken the bond and your stones will tend to drop off easily.

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