Stoning Tips Part 4 - How many diamantes do I need?

Ever started decorating your costume only to run out of stones?  There are many occasions our sales come from customers who forgot to make some simple calculations before starting their decorating project. So how do you accurately estimate how many stones you need?  Well it's simple Math really. 

To start with you will need a ruler / measuring tape and calculator handy.

Estimating lines... if your design consists of lines or you are simply outlining the edges, you need to start by measuring all the lines you plan on decorating.  Make a note of the total measurement obtained.  Next grab your ruler and line up your diamantes, try to space them the same as you are you intend to place them on your costume.  I would do a minimum of 10cm worth, anything less and your estimation will be less accurate.  Count the diamantes and multiply the amount to obtain a diamante per metre calculation.  Use this figure to now determine how many stones you need for your total measurement.

Estimating patterns...  if you are decorating lace or guipure lace motifs then it's really easy to calculate how many diamantes you need.  Take one lace motif and place the diamantes, jewel stones and/or half pearls in a design you like.  Count the total used of each and multiply by the number being used on your costume.

Estimating dots...  this can be a little trickier depending on the design.  If you are planning an even spray of stones over a particular area you can make a fairly easy estimation by laying out your dots in a 10cm x 10cm sample square.  Count your dots and multiply by the amount of 10cm x 10cm squares you think would cover the desired area.  If you are doing something more complex then you may need to use the above method to make an educated guess.  More complex designs are always more difficult to estimate and this is where experience really helps. 

Once you start decorating I strongly advise you keep count of how many diamantes you have used.  That way you can continuously assess how your estimations are going as you progress. If in doubt go a little lighter as you can always add more later.

Last tip is to always allow a little extra after making your estimations.  Better to have a few left over than just a few diamantes short.

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