Are these rhinestones / diamontes as good as other leading brands?

Having used the Diamonte.net diamantes on all the dresses I made for the last few years, I was extremely happy with the quality the stones produced... and the girls were even happier with the prices! After some thought I decided to setup a website and offer them for others to purchase.

Manufactured to premium superior quality standards, these flatback diamante / rhinestones are specially foiled for maximum bond and suitable for either Hotfix or Glue-On application. They are equal in quality and brilliance compared to leading brands.



How many do I get in a gross?

1 gross = 144 stones          10 gross = 1440 stones


How big are the diamontes and what does the "ss" mean?

The SS size terminology is a historical term that is still used by most industry leaders today. "SS" stands for "Stone Size". 

Sizes:   SS16 = 3.8mm  SS20 = 4.6mm  SS30 = 6.3mm  SS34=7.2mm

For more information please read the Blog...

What size diamantes should I use and what does the "SS" mean?


How do I attach the rhinestones / diamantes to my costume?

Diamonte.net Blog

Diamonte.net has a number of Blog articles that explain how best to glue your crystals to your outfit or shoes. Here are just a few of them...

How to glue diamantes without making a mess!

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How many diamantes do I need?



What is the best glue to use?

Diamonte.net recommends using Gemtac and E6000 depending on the size of the stone and what you are gluing it to.

For more details on the best glue and techniques please read the blog...

Stoning Tips Part 3 - Which Glue do I use?



Are these rhinestones / diamontes heat fix or glue on?

These flatback diamante / rhinestones are specially foiled for maximum bond and are suitable for either Hotfix or Glue-On application.


Can I get a sample of the rhinestones / diamantes?

Yes most certainly. Please send a message via the Contact Us page supplying your name and address details. We are happy to send samples of particular colours. If you are looking at purchasing multiple colours, please request a colour chart showing all colours available.


Can I track my parcel?

All parcels are sent in trackable satchels purchased from Australia Post. You will receive an email with tracking information as soon as it is processed and sent.


Which postal service do you use to mail parcels?

All parcels are sent via Australia post using trackable satchels.


How much does postage cost?

Express post and standard delivery options are available on checkout.

Please note Diamonte.net offers free standard postage on all orders over $100