Diamante / Rhinestone - Bermuda Blue

Diamante / Rhinestone - Bermuda Blue

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Bermuda Blue is a rich aquatic colour. It's a fraction lighter when compared with Capri Blue and also has a very slight tinge of green. It's a perfect match for Turquoise coloured fabric and is light enough to use with Blue Paradise materials from Chrisanne Clover or Barbados by DSI-London.

Superior quality flat back diamante / rhinestones are specially foiled for maximum bond and suitable for either Heat-Fix or Glue-On application.

Sizes:   SS16 = 3.8mm  SS20 = 4.6mm  SS30 = 6.3mm

Quantities:   1 gross = 144 pieces   10 gross = 1440 pieces

Important:  Please note this product is sold by weight.  Quantities given are only approximate.

Colours depicted in the images are for guidance only and may vary slightly.